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Xiang Rise Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd is endeavored to offer advanced and high quality products for a better life and a greener planet. The founder of the company has been working for enzymes for decades. Our factory has the biggest fermentation facility, visitors have highly commented our production line as advanced and well organised. Our experts team and advanced technology enables us to grow fast in our main business, we are proud that we could parallelled with pioneers for our fine quality, competitive prices, production capacity and technical support.
We are now working with the most reputable formulators in both domestic and international markets, we warmly welcome world enzyme players to join and grow together with us.

What We Do

We could supply various enzymes for different industrie, such as textile, animal feed, pulp & paper, alcohol production and detergents and other industries.
For textile enzymes, we have cellulase enzymes for bio-polishing on knit and jeans abrasion, desizing enzyme, laccase, catalase. For feeding enzymes, we have thermostable phytase, xylanase, protease, amylase, cellulase, mannanase, β glucanase, etc. For food industries, we could offer high temperature amylase,fungal a amylase, glucose oxidase, transglutaminase, etc.
We have a wide enzyme product line for different application.
We are endeavored to stay ahead of the industries and to be the leader as we are.

Our factory

150 tons fermentation tank

High quality fermentation equipment with automatic monitoring

Huge Production Capacity to Satisfy The Growing Demand From Global Customers

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