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Textile Enzymes (Cellulase Enzyme/Amylase/Catalase/Pectinase/Laccase, etc)


Cellulase for Bio-polishing or Denim Abrasion
Cellulase is an enzyme that hydrolyzes cellulose. While cellulosic fabric is very popular due to its natural and comfort, cellulase is widely used in denim washing laundries and knit factories.
For denim washing, cellulase could hyfrolyze the cellulose on the top of the denim and remove the indigo dyes on it, thus give a stone washing/ abrasion style on denim.
For depilling/ Bio-polishing, cellulase could remove the pills on the surface of knit fabrics to make it tidy and fine, meanwile, cellulase could soften the fabric and give better hand feeling.
Compared to traditional processing method with stone or harsh chemicals, enzymatic processing is much softer and enviroment friendly.
Amylase for Desizing
a group of enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis of starch and glycogen or their intermediate hydrolysis products.
Amylase is widely used to catalyze the hydrolysis of starch slurry on fabrics.
Due to the high efficiency and specificity of amylase, its desizing rate is high and desizing speed is fast. Compared to traditional acid and alkaline method, it reduces the pollution and gives softer handfeeling with minimum damage to the fabrics. There are different types of amylases, the process flow varies from different fabrics and the processing equipments. Dipping, stacking, volume dyeing, and continuous washing are the main methods for desizing. Amylase could work at wide temperature with less water, which is significant to environment protection.

Catalase is an enzyme that catalyzes the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water, is present in the peroxisomes of cells. Catalase is primarily used in the textile industry to break down residual hydrogen peroxide, it is also named as peroxide killer / remover.

an enzyme or complex of enzymes that catalyzes the hydrolysis of pectic substances.
It is mainly used in the pretreatment process of cotton and linen, called bioscouring. It can degrade the pectin into small molecules and free it from the fibers, which can completely separate the impurities (such as wax, protein, gray powder). Etc.) from the fiber to achieve the purpose of cotton refining or hemp degumming.

a blue copper-containing oxidase occurring especially in the sap of lacquer trees and having an ability to produce lacquer from the sap and induce oxidation of certain polyhydroxy phenols.
Laccase can decompose indigo dyes, it can also effectively reduce the back staining of the indigo,which improves the brightness of the garment, and effectively reduce the damage of the fabric.

Textile Auxiliaries
We could supply high quality textile auxiliaries to satisfy our global customers in textile industry, please contact our sales representatives for more information.



We could provide some auxiliary products for our textile customers, such as anti-back staining agent, water repellent, silicone softeners, softener flakes, reduction agent, multifunctional finishing agent, et. All the products are from our associated factories with high quality, please let us know should you have such inquiries.

Feeding Enzymes(Phosmor/Acid Protease/β-Mannanase/Lipase)


Phosmor is a phytase that breaks down the indigestible phytic acid (phytate) portion in grains and oil seeds; thereby, releasing digestible phosphorus and calcium for the nonruminants. Phosphorus from the phytate molecule can be made more available to poultry and livestock by the addition of phytase.

Acid Protease
The product is obtained by controlled fermentation of Aspergillus Niger. It can effectively hydrolyze protein under the low PH condition. It is widely used in brewery and manufacture of alcohol, food processing, feed additives, leather processing , etc.

β-MANNANASE is an endo-mannanase preparation designed to hydrolyze the mannan, gluco-mannan and galacto-mannan in plant feed ingredients, releasing and making available the trapped energy and proteins. Through the submerged liquid fermentation production process as well as the comprehensive application of after-treatment technologies, β-mannanase preparation was developed by Xiang Rise Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. Because of the high enzyme activity, the various preparations as well as their high efficiency these products can meet different needs. Concentrate β-MANNANASE allows maximized use of nutrient dense, lower priced plant feed ingredients without the negative effects previously encountered.

Lipase is a kind of excellent Aspergillus niger strain, which is refined by liquid deep fermentation and advanced post extraction technology. The product is widely used in feed, which can significantly improve the energy metabolism of animals and promote the absorption of fat by animals

Food Enzyme(Amylase/Fungal a Amylase/Glucose oxidase/
Protease/Lipase/Transglutaminase, etc)


Application of enzymes in food industry
1) Huge enzymes quantity are used for sugar industry
2) Bakery Industry
α-amylase can adjust the amount of maltose and balance carbon dioxide production and dough gas retention. Fungal a amylase helps to accelerate the fermentation speed of dough and shorten the fermentation time, it also improves the expansion of dough in the oven and improves the tissue structure of bread and steamed bread, increase the softness of the internal tissue. It helps to improve the color of bread and comprehensively improve the quality of bread
Beta-amylase can prevent pastry from aging. β-amylase can improve the flavor of fillings.
Xylanse could increase the volume and softness of bread and steamed bread, improve its organization, improve the elasticity of the gluten network in the dough, improve the processability and stability of the dough, hydrolyzed starch and viscose, maintain the softness of the bread and prolong the shelf life of the bread.
3) Alcohol production
Glucose oxidase could reduce the oxygen in the beer which affects the taste of beer , it helps to maintain the original flavor of the beer and the extend the shelf life. β-glucanase hepls to reduce the viscosity of wort, improve the filtration and clarity of wort and beer, increase the amount of saccharified malt extract.
In fruit wine brewing, acid protease, amylase, and pectinase could eliminate turbidity or improve juice pressing.
Saccharifying enzyme/Glucoamylase could replace bran koji in the production of liquor and ethanol, it can increase the yield of wine (2%-7%) and helps to save grain, simplify equipment and save workshop space.
4)Meat and fish processing
Special enzymes are used to improve tissue, tenderize the meat and improve the taste
5)Egg Processing
Glucose oxidase could remove trace glucose in poultry eggs.
6) Juice Industry
Pectinase can degrade the pectin in the juice to make it quickly clarified. It helps to crack the cell walls of fruits and vegetables and improve the yield of fruit and vegetable juice. It can reduce the viscosity of the juice and improve the filtration speed. It can also effectively prevent the post-turbidity of the product and prolong the shelf life of the juice.

Product Package


We provide high quality standard export packages suitable for distant transportation by sea or by air
1) For Liquid Enzymes: 30Kg/ 225Kg/1125IBC plastic drums
2) For Powder Enzymes: 20Kg/25Kg waterproof bags or fiber drums

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